The kernel of philosophical misunderstanding is the number four. In particular the numerological limitations set around the horizon of humanist thinking that naturally stretches is dualisms into the maximum combination of quadrapartite solutions.

Quadripartition is inevitable as the condition for take-off


The Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (CCRU) is the form of a General Relativity in philosophical thought


Francois Laruelle, playing the character of philosophy’s Max Planck, introduces the thought of the quantum into philosophy, to generalize it into a non-philosophy. Unlike the bougeois ceasefire in the attribution with a non-standard philosophy, we hold on the contrary that the non, not merely as negation, but something totally outside of philosophy has arrived.


Mathematical literacy is something other than being good at math or turning the populace into a giant distributed calculation machine. It holds that mathematical principles are now part of contemporary language exchange, and hence of ordinary language and understanding.


All the names of the post-Digital, internet, post-internet are mere facades and distractions for the aesthetic trends which can clearly be seen and not spoken.