what is Hyperstition?



Contrary to popular belief we are going to propose,  that Hyperstitions are not fictions that make themselves real.

Instead, let’s foreground Hyperstition is philosophy’s Being; Hyperstition is what philosophy always was, and what it has come to be. This is important now only as after a century or two the question of the role of philosophy has essentially been filtered of all its possible alterations.

As fiction , it has finally accepted what it always was, a strange and aberrant genre of literature.

Thus only now is it able to syncronize with literature’s own movement through modernity.





Alongside that however, is a renewed trajectory of what literature itself is and how it functions, rather than for what purpose does it function if there are any at all.

It is in this sense, that the status of a fiction becoming real is thus rendered contingent, if not supurfluous.

If the core of the Acceleratinist project is as we’ve suggested the constrcution of a “new” Real*, then it follows that this theory fiction serves a fully self-justifiable and auto-productive purpose, which is the construction of that world.

This is perhaps a verbose way of articulating a trend that had already been taking place in underground subcultures and cinema, but it is not superfluous since it is a realization ( or a catching up) of the philo-literate mixture.





In the last instance, regarding this becoming or asymptotic approximation to its reality, already preceded in the future, the only instance in which this has become interesting has to do with the extreme slowness that we’ve experienced in the passage of time, and which is pronounced as the death of culture.